Our Products

Landscape design

Once we have made contact and a project is required, we come to you to discuss the design and concept of the garden. What  is most important is to create a project to your specific needs, accommodating our services to a range of budgets.

We provide a hand drawn design and a detailed quote including construction, materials, plants, turf, etc…

We are specialised in tropical and native design, including rain forest.


All materials are top quality and include sandstone, paving, timber, carried out by qualified tradesmen.

Our services include:

  • Site establishment and earthworks
  • Retaining walls – Timber and stone
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Paving


All plants selected are top quality and the services we provide are carried out for qualified horticulturists.


Once the garden is completed, it needs to be maintained. A service which we also provide. Example: Lawn mowing, hedging, mulching, irrigation and removal of garden waste

Irrigation Systems

To maintain the garden optimum growing capacity, watering is essential. We install automatic irrigation systems for your garden which are really efficient in saving water. Example: drip irrigation, etc… Our systems are economical and viable to suit your budget.

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